Renders June2017

My monthly experiments in 3D rendering. All renders were created in Blender.

The visual is representing of my mindstate based on my spontaneous feeling.


Green Swoosh (8/6/2017)

Had some fun playing around with the particle system while I was tinkering with some ideas for Nike project.


Moon Man (12/6/2017)

Inspired by my friend T-Shirt (moon man).


Trapped (13/6/2017)

Mindstage: Trying to escape and jump out of the box.



Mindstage: Following the flow.P.S I’m obsessed with curve line.


Connect (17/6/2017)

Mindstage: Keeping it simple.


Atom (20/6/2017)

Mindstage: Spinning and spinning.


Into the Infinity (22/6/2017)

Mindstage: Sometimes when you keep going in the same direction for so long, you start getting lost with the same pattern.


Dripping (23/6/2017)

Mindstage: Bit by bit, I’m drowning.


Looping (29/6/2017)

Mindstate: Day by day, Week by week. Same shit keeps repeating.