Betterforit Dome

Nike Better for it Dome

During the Nike Women Better for it, campaign, we created an immersive outdoor activation in Philippines – Manila to celebrate the victory moments of all marathon finishers. We built a 21m x 10.5m dome as the canvas and projected with immersive visuals animation in 360 mapping. Before the race, we have all the registered runner a RFID in order for us to track their position, we then pre-download their Instagram’s images of them training to be better for it. Once the runner finishes the race and steps inside the dome, the system will know exactly who is inside the dome. An interactive photo booth will be installed outside the dome for them to take a memento photograph with their pledge. All the memento photos will be used inside the dome to show them have become better for it.

Client: Nike
Agency: BBH Singapore
Location: Manila
Partners: Future Deluxe
Jack Morton
Vortex Immersion