Homosonus is an interactive sound installation that invites visitors to explore the distance between with a stranger through the sense of sound.
Human bodies carry different energy and aura. It is interesting how people can feel this here and then. Sounds that are triggered in between two people in HOMOSONUS space would be distinct as they are generated and controlled by completely different individuals, much like the notion that there’s no single human relationship that’s exactly the same as the other. We would like our audiences to experience the distinct soundtrack created with the stranger and perhaps make them wonder if there is more than what meets the eye in what would be expected from a fleeting and meaningless moment.

Client: Betwixt Festiva
Location Art Science Museum Singapore
Credits Marcus Yuen
Bae Soo Yoen
Christie lee
Pradashini Subramaniam
Zac Ong
Jacky Boen