Lantern hack

Nike Lantern Hack

The first Nike BajakJKT in Jakarta, we are looking at different way to hack the city to helps runner keep running. Besides the heavy traffic in JKT, another reason that stopping runner to run is the safety and the lighting environment at night. We partner with Arduino Verkstad team and the Co-Founder of Arduino David Cuartielles to create these Lanterns hack installation. The installation is consists of more than 2000 interactive LED lanterns with 100 meters long activated by runners’ movements. More than 10km of cables, 200 Arduino boards, 200 motion sensors and 4000 LEDs were required to make the installation possible. Custom software was developed to control the lanterns and create three running modes: sprint, world record, and full band.

Client: Nike
Agency: BBH Singapore
Location: Jakarta
Partners: Arduino Verkstad